About Us

Welcome to Loot Goblins Lair, your ultimate destination for all things Weiss Schwarz and other Trading Card Games. As avid fans of the game, we understand the importance of having a legitimate and trustworthy source for purchasing booster boxes and individual cards.

The journey of finding a reliable source for Weiss Schwarz cards wasn't easy, with many stores offering cards that have been tampered with or "mapped out". This can be incredibly frustrating for players looking to build their collection or play the game competitively.

At Loot Goblins Lair, we believe that everyone should have access to authentic and untampered cards, which is why we only source our products directly from the distributor. Our customers can shop with ease of mind, knowing that all of our Weiss Schwarz cards are legitimate and straight from the source.

In addition to Weiss Schwarz, we also offer a wide range of other Trading Card Games and related products, so you can find everything you need for your collection or game play in one convenient location.

In addition to our commitment to authenticity, we also have a deep passion for the game and the community. Our team is made up of passionate Weiss Schwarz players and collectors, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience.

Thank you for choosing Loot Goblins Lair as your source for Weiss Schwarz and other Trading Card Games. We look forward to serving you and building a community of passionate players and collectors together.